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Silikal PMMA: Heavy Duty Sealants

Keep the outside out with Silikal PMMA Heavy Duty Sealants for flat roofs, terraces, swimming pools, thresholds and much more.

Long term protection from the elements

Exposed structures such as flat roofs, terraces, car parks and thresholds┬árequire the best protection from the most punishing factors – water, abrasion and UV. ┬áNot only that, they often have to look good. Silikal’s PMMA heavy-duty sealants offer the best protection with an attractive finish.

Fast Setting

Depending on the application temperature, PMMA hardens and can take traffic in a rapid manner, in much the same way as our other MMA products. In ‘average’ UK temperatures, products cure in around 40 minutes. Other systems such as PU coatings can take up to three days in comparison.


Not only is Silikal PMMA fast curing and highly waterproof, it is also extremely flexible. It can act as a waterproofing agent across problematic areas such as thresholds or changes in building material. The flexibility also aids the safe passage of movement sensitive items such as cables through water resistant areas.


When it comes to durability, it’s not just about traffic. Water, abrasion and UV light are the enemies of waterproof surfaces. Silikal’s team of experts place great emphasis on the quality of the PMMA and ensure that each batch is designed to be long-lasting.

Uses for PMMA

Wherever there is a need for long-term waterproofing our PMMA can handle it. Common applications include: flat roof sealing, terraces and balconies and also long-term wet areas such as swimming pools. On a larger scale, PMMA is used to protect car park decks and bridges to ensure that ingress of water is prevented in an area that can take a lot of punishment.

Full, jointless installation directly on the substrate: no seams or gluing points

safe and simple integration of pipe lead-throughs, light shafts, outlets and other objects, whatever the shape

lightning-fast curing times, allowing the surfaces to be returned to use quickly even at low temperatures

also available in decorative colours and with different slip resistances

Flat Roof Sealing

Joint Sealing

Pipe Lead-Through

Staircase Renovation

Surface Sealing of Underground Construction

Swimming Pool

Terrace / Balcony

Threshold Sealing

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