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Silikal: A world leader in MMA resin flooring

Silikal has been developing and manufacturing one of the world’s best MMA resin products for well over half a century. It’s the UK trade’s best kept secret.

Silikal MMA cold plastic. Make a new mark.

Cold plastic MMA from Silikal is transforming the total cost of safe and durable road markings. It saves money, it can save lives.

Have you discovered the German secret agent?

Silikal has a dedicated agent working with businesses large and small across the UK flooring sector. We’re searching for new partners who would prefer to deal direct with our product developers and manufacturers back in Germany rather than going through a third party.


Silikal’s MMA blend is a world class product, used across the globe in all sectors including construction, health and catering. 


Our waterproofing products are flexible, fast and long lasting. In worldwide use, Silikal waterproofing provides incredible protection.


Silikal cold plastic MMA road markings last longer than other systems giving you safer roads whatever the conditions.

Why work direct with Silikal?

Silikal is a hidden brand in the UK. Many major flooring firms and contractors use our resins. You could be standing on some now and you might not even know it. The growing success of Silikal’s deal-direct approach around the world has shown us that business is better for us all of we work in partnership to share ideas and developments.

We are looking for a handful of applicators or installers across the UK who share our values and approaches and would like to explore how working direct with Silikal can benefit their business and their customers.

Talk direct to the manufacturer – keep up to date with the latest developments.
Work in partnership to ensure that our solutions match your local requirements
Make efficiencies by dealing direct with the supplier rather than using third parties

What are you waiting for? Drop us a line to see if you could work direct.

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