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Essex Primary School

School budget cuts are hitting thick and fast. This school pays out every 18 months to have the line marking repainted. This year they opted for a cold plastic MMA instead of their usual approach and estimate that the total cost of ownership will be around a third of the usual over 8 years. That money can be ploughed back into educational focus.

Didiers Delicatessen

Didiers, a highly successful delicatessen, supplying goods into top end supermarket chains; a busy place. The food preparation areas are sensitive with strict hygiene controls in place. The MMA floor provides a safe, easy to maintain surface, but more than that, the installation could be trafficed rapidly in order to ensure minimal down time. Installed by our expert partner, Adept Flooring.

Truffles Bakery

Truffles have a chain of bakeries across the south coast of England. They bake from early in the morning until late afternoon when all surfaces are washed, ready for the next day. Seamless floors with coved edges were the order of the day installed by one of our expert partners, Adept Flooring.

South London Golf Club

The nineteenth hole is always popular, not only that, golf clubs are regularly used as wedding and conference venues meaning that the kitchens can be as busy as the fairways. Non slip, hygienic floors are top of the list, busy kitchens have no tim to scrap grim out of tiled floors and spilled liquids present a hazard on many other surfaces. Another great MMA installation from Adept.

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