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Silikal MMA: Cold plastic road markings, the safest by miles

The new standard in roadmarking. Long lasting, easy to apply and with safety features above that of any other roadmarking product.

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We are looking for new partners in the UK to work with us to develop and deploy this highly successful system. Contact us to find out if you qualify to be among the first on board.

Reduce total costs and increase safety with Silikal Roadmarkings

The total cost of ownership of road surfaces is not calculated purely on installation but on its durability and safety. Durable and safe; they are mutually inclusive terms. The longer the marking lasts, the safer the road. What price safety?

Easy to apply

Whilst there are variety of different application formats, all cold plastic MMA road markings go direct onto the road without the need for large machinery.

Highly durable

The relative lifespan of cold plastic MMA road marking is several times longer than rival products. Even in extremely cold or hot temperatures durability is high.

The safest

The longer a marking lasts, the safer the road. The UK highway code suggests ‘more paint, more restraint’ a clear signal to drivers to behave in safe manner.

Standard marking made simple. Contractor and end-user kit options for speed, colour and flexibility.

Component 1: MMA Resin

The base ingredient for all kits is MMA resin, which is supplied in liquid form.

Component 2: Fillers

Supplied in bags, the fillers are blended with an electric mixer and paddle together with the MMA resin.
Standard kits have two components. The BPO powder (activator) is pre-blended with the fillers for ease of use.

Component 3: Activator

The BPO powder (activator) can be optionally excluded from the filler mixture. This allows the user to add the activator separately, giving greater flexibility and control over the curing time at different temperatures. (minimum quantities apply)

Component 4: Pigment

The kits are available in a range of standard colours. Fillers can be supplied with or without pigment, meaning pigment can be added on site if required. (minimum quantities apply)

See how simple the kit form is to use.

Not just kits; We have innovative enterprise solutions for formulators.

With over seven decades of experience in the development and formulation of MMA resins and cold plastic markings, Silikal can provide the in-depth technical knowledge to help your business come up with the winning formula.

Our commitment to working in the UK follows our pattern of success in Germany and around the world, where we work in close partnership with formulators in order to achieve increased efficiencies and produce cutting-edge products.

We are looking for a handful of innovative and forward thinking partners to form a close working relationship resulting in commercial success through effective buying and increased control over the formulation parameters to suit customer requirements.

The most important thing about a road marking is that it’s always there – visible!

Comparative life spans of alternative road marking systems

According to indpendent BASt benchmarking, cold plastic MMA roadmarkings significantly outperform other approaches in terms of wear resistance, skid resistance, nighttime visibility and daytime visibility.

The BASt provides the independent scientific testing support to the German Government. It is a leading member of a network of European cutting-edge research institutes in the field of road engineering and is significantly involved on a worldwide basis in drawing up regulations and standards. What we’re saying is, these tests are rigorous and independent.

The BASt test to examine the wear resistance and traffic related properties of road marking systems clearly shows cold plastic systems to be a leader. The tests evaluate layer thickness, skid resistance and visibility during day and night. By comparison, even thick (3mm) screeds of hot melt thermoplastic will degrade beyond use after no more than four years max. In contrast, 2mm screeds of cold plastic will last beyond eight years.
  • Solvent based paints – up to 2yrs
  • Hot-Melt Thermoplastics – around 3-4 yrs
  • Cold plastic MMA screed – 8yrs and beyond

About Silikal Cold plastic MMA

Unlike other road marking products, cold plastic loses little of its density as it cures, it relies on chemical reaction rather than evaporation. Odour emissions are very low and safe to use during the curing process.

A truly adaptable product it can also accommodate with outstanding glass bead retention for increased visibility or the ability to include pigments to create different coloured surfaces.

Fully formulated resins, not monomer blends
Cold curing, no external heat is required
100% reactive – no solvent to create curing
Can be used for area markings by hand or by machine
Pigment can be added to colour the screed as required – no waste
2mm screed with hand trowel or draw box
2mm screed with hand-pushed machines
1.5 – 2mm screed applied with extrusion machines
0.5 – 1mm spray on application
2mm flexible prefabricated sheets
1 – 3mm traffic area coatings

Application Methods

Cold plastics will display excellent adhesion to asphalt surfaces and, when used with concrete, only require a priming coat to ensure maximum durability. Once the cold plastic has been mixed with the hardener, the chemical reaction starts and the area will be ready to traffic immediately after the tack-free time. MMA resins do not use solvents and 99% of the monomers turn solid during the curing process which means they are very VOC friendly and there are no health risks related to MMA vapour concentrations.


Line Marking - Hand Applied

Line Marking - Spray Applied

Line Marking - Tac-Wayflex

Line Marking - Traffic Area Marking

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