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Silikal MMA: Hygenic, Safe and Fast

Silikal has been developing and manufacturing the world’s best MMA resin products for well over half a century. It’s the UK trade’s best kept secret, you might have been using Silikal Products for years and you’ve never known it.

Keep your business running with Silikal MMA

Silikal MMA products are amongst the most widely used in the world. Our business is built around keeping busy customers busy; our flooring installation partners need to be in and out with the minimum of disruption, the Silikal MMA blend allows that to happen. Over decades, Silikal has formed strong relationships with partners to help them grow their businesses.


Silikal flooring will not harbor bacteria and molds. it is a non-porous, pinhole free seamless flooring surface. Silikal flooring systems are also certified by HACCP International.


Non-slip floors are an absolute must, particularly for public areas. Silikal MMA formulations allow for the introduction of decorative aggregates to create anti-slip profiles.


Silikal’s MMA technology means that floors can be ready for traffic in times even as low as one hour without any compromise to the finished product.

Facts about Silikal MMA Resins

MMA resin floors can to stand up to the most intense and challenging industrial environments. They are seamless, high performance finishes which can face heavy impacts, regular cleaning and large pieces of equipment including aircraft and heavy tonnage vehicles.


Non-Porous, won´t harbour bacteria, easy to clean.


Ready to traffic in one hour after installation


Non-slip options available


Can withstand extremely heavy usage


Decorative flakes can be added
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