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Silikal Concrete Repair Kits: Easier, Faster, Stronger.

Silikal’s MMA-based concrete repair kits allow for easy, swift and long-lasting repair. Our R16 and R17 kits are ideal for rapid concrete repair without expert help in a variety of contexts and temperatures.


R16 comes in two parts. Mix and fill; that’s it! R17 is just as simple and only requires priming (primer included! Watch our installation videos below


Repair downtime for many businesses is damaging. R16 and R17 can be ready to use in 60 minutes. Both products work in temperatures from -10 to +35°C


High compressive and tensile strength R17 cures to 75 N/mm². You could drive a tank over it (if you really wanted to)

R16 Repair Kit Video

R17 Repair Kit Video

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